our male rottweilers

Two of our imported Rottweiler stud dogs (Trofim S Berega Turi) (100% ADRK bloodlines, son of Int'l CH. Ben v.d. Scherau) and Arco Earl Antonius) son of World Champion, Bronko od Dragicevica) come from highly respected, top winning kennels in Russia (Berega Turi Rottweilers) and Europe (Earl Antonius Rottweilers). Our Girls are our foundation so much time and thought goes into any Rott-weiler female we consider for breeding. We like our ladies to have strength, substance and bone yet still be feminine and easily distinguishable from the Rottweiler males. Only our very best will do!


Niko vom Hognadottir

 AKC WS682403 | OFA Hips RO-80833G24M-P-VPI | OFA Elbows RO-EL14322M24-P-VPI



Dizel Earl Antoninus

 AKC WS73660301 | KSS JR 729576 Rw | Hip: FCI: A 1/2 ()  Elbows: FCI: B 1/2


Berwick vom Hognadottir

 AKC WS48143008 - OFA Hips RO-77541G38M-VPI - OFA Elbows RO-EL11988M38-VPI - DOB.September 19, 2014
Owned by James Willingham

Int CH Titan vom Hognadottir
Best Youth Sieger 2012 Best in Show

Titan saved our lives from the Bison. 3 of my own Bison got out of their area and 2 of them got back over. My husband and I went down this steep embankment to see how they got over. I couldn't believe they could jump the fence. We saw the one Female did not get back over and she was so agitated. I told my husband we should get out of there and the Female charged after us as we were climbing out. My husbands ankles are so bad and I fell trying to push my husband out of there. Titan went nuts. He tried his best to get over his fence which is 6 feet high but the Bison turned on him and rammed her nose into the fence. Titan grabbed her nose thru the fence and held her there until we got out of there. When we were safe I told Titan to OUT and he let go. The Bison jumped over the fence like a dear. That was amazing to see. You just never know how powerful your loving canine friend "Titan" can jump in to help when you need them the most. He is just the most wonderful loving, protective dog. He is a wonderful boy. I feel very safe with him.