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Vom Hognadottir Rottweilers and German Shepherds Our Puppy Owners pictures
We would like to take a moment to say "Thank You" to the many wonderful people over the years who have become a part of
the Vom Hognadottir's extended family and have one of our special Rottweiler dogs or German Shepherd dogs in their lives.

The love, care and life-long devotion you bestow upon them is a big part of what makes being a breeder so rewarding for us!
We love hearing from our puppy people and seeing pictures of our babies in their new homes. If you own a Vom Hognadottir Rottweiler or German Shepherd and would like their picture added to our website please don't hesitate to send them to us.
We look forward to hearing from you soon!

There are many pictures and it may take some time to load!


Zoey is a big girl at 6 months
(Gretchen x Ando)
Loved by Kathy Lynn

Presley @ 1 year
Owned by the Snow family

Lucy and family

Xena @ 11 months
Owned by the Esernia family

Titan x Cleopatra puppy
Owned by David


Beautiful Sigyn
Owned by the Kalmar family


Molly Vom Hognadottir at 6 months
Owned by Mark

Delta @ 10-1/2 months | Big Beautiful Girl!
Owned by Lisa Hernandez

Rusty Steel @ 6 months
Owned and Loved by the Brott family

Xena at 10 months
Owned by the Esernia family

Vakko vom Hognadottir
Owned by Justin Van deren

Ronin at 2 years old
(Briget x Eno)
Owned by Daniel Perez

Owned by the Brasso family

(Aladen x Ragga)
BIG Boy!

LOOK at those dark eyes and that black mouth!
(Hogni X Andora)
Owned by Scott M.

Owned by Brandon

Owned by the Baptista family

Oso and Chloe
Owned by Liz, Michael and Jaimi

Sigyn relaxing
Owned by the Kalmar family

Sully at 2 years and 105lb.
(Titan and Cleopatra)
Owned by Kathy and Dan

(Arko x Hildegard)
Owned by Randy

(Gretchen x Ando)
Owned by the Lynn family


Owned by the Bevley family

Owned by the Motz family


Molly Vom Hognadottir
@ 15 wks, 12 wks, 11 wks and 9 wks
Owned by the Laube family

16 week old Chloe
Owned by Liz and Mike

Sully at 2 years and 105 lbs.
(Titan x Cleopatra)
Owned by Kathy and Dan

Owned by Annie Kalmar & family

Delta at 8 months
Owned by Lisa Hernandez

Early morning drive with Xena
Owned by the Esernia family

Meicah, Ronin and I enjoying the snow. Meicah really loves the snow.
Owned by Daniel

Dozer loves his girls!
(Ando x Gretchen)
Owned by the Harris family

Indy with his toy
Owned by the O'Donnell family

Owned by the Baptista family

Owned by the Basso family

Bear Vom Hognadottir @ 8 1/2 months old
(Titan III x Adda)
Owned by the Graves family

Cleo x Titan
Owned by Lindsay

She is so adorable.
Her whole family loves her!

Kalmar Family
Sigyn, such an Angel
Owned by the Kalmar family


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